Starting its consultancy services in Asia for Strategy Development, Mergers & Acquisition, Sourcing and Consulting Services, Steinberg HKC expanded it's network into other major growth regions of the world. The enormous growth in China and other emerging markets brings along many advantages and opportunities for foreign companies, due to increasing prosperity and the emergence of a middle class with great purchasing power. In return companies from emerging markets currently seek to develop their business and purchase international established legal entities, IPR and know-how.

Global Headquarter
Hong Kong is widely known for it's accessibility. Steinberg's former German Holding company; Blue Tree GmbH can look back on many successful business transactions and was always able to rely on authorities and mutual interest in being as effective as possible. 

32/F, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Shanghai Partner Office
Our partner office (Insight.S  Co Ltd.,) guarantee the firm's ties to Mainland China and represent a key synergy in our renewable energy activities. The Initiative 'GREENCONSULT' resides in Shanghai and serves the east coast of Mainland China.

Suite 815, No. 3856 North Zhongshan Rd, PR China

Jiangyin R&D Centre
Together with our strategic partner WINTERSUN; it was mutually achieved to initiate and locate our business activities in Jiangsu to Jiangyin High Tec Zone. Steinberg is active as a In-House consultant as well as a global procurement and certification partner.

Yangtze Industry Park, No.201 Jinshan Rd, PR China

German Office
Our German Office is located in Germany's financial capital Frankfurt. Steinberg resides in one of Frankfurt's historic quarters; the Westend.

Grüneburgweg 119, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, Germany