Pre Due-Diligence
Before a possible corporate transaction, it is important to have an initial pre-assessment of the risks and opportunities and potential corporate value. The formulation of a letter of intent is the first step towards a company transaction. Already at early stage of the transaction process the involvement of experienced consultants proves to be valuable. 
Steinberg HKC helps its clients to identify key risk areas or deal breakers and to determine value indicators on the basis of current evaluation methods. Together we plan and structure your transaction process.

Short and Long Listing
It is important to be methodical while creating and shortening a list for a possible M&A. The first step involves identifying targets through listing down companies in the industry. After reviewing and revising the companies, criteria are developed according to which the long list is further shortened. Once we have a list of companies, and the criteria that will factor into your decision-making, we list all the companies down and rate them on each criterion. Steinberg HKC supports its customers to develop a search strategy, in order to identify a suitable target.

Pre Due-Diligence
Once the acquirer has the list of shortlisted companies for a possible merger or takeover, screening potential candidates will further narrow the search. As your partner we provide detailed analysis, valuation and evaluation of the targeted company. Our consultants evaluate financial statements to give the acquirer an idea as to how the potential company has performed over the years.