Of the many factors impacting China’s development strategy, tackling pollution has quickly become a top priority. A growing sense of urgency to reduce pollution and improve quality of life in cities is compelling China to adopt a greener, smarter and more productive approach to development. Steinberg HKC provides insight on the regulatory, financing and technology changes across China’s diverse greentech markets in response to the government’s shifting priorities, and discusses how companies can best capture opportunities while supporting China in its battle against smog.

Heightened concern about pollution has also been accompanied by growth in greentech investments. China’s solar industry, in particular, is enjoying a fair share of this investment after a four-year downturn. In 2013, investments in newly installed utility and distributed solar capacity amounted to RMB 130 billion. Based on the market price of RMB 10 per watt, 2014 investments will likely meet the RMB 140 billion mark. In 2013 alone, an additional 12.9 GW (or twice the existing capacity at the end of 2012) of solar capacity was added to the grid, bringing total capacity to 19 GW by year-end, thus helping to absorb the industry’s manufacturing overcapacity.


Within the framework of the Energy Transition, Steinberg HKC provides long term financed solutions in the fields of photovoltaic and energy storage thanks to unique market conditions and excellent industry partners. Steinberg HKC is actively engaged in the photovoltaic project network Greenconsult. Originally founded in 2013, the initiative aims to serve foreign invested Chinese companies to implement photovoltaic panels onto industrial roof and free space. Contact us to explore the individual investment opportunities available to your business.


Carbon will play a very important role for a future green economy. The usage of carbon fiber reduces the energy consumption simultaneous protecting the environment. The carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic market has grown considerably during the past few years and is expected to grow at a considerable pace in the next five years, mainly driven by the growing demand of CFRP in aerospace and automotive industry in the European, China and North American region. The development of the wind power market, offshore drilling and deeper oil and gas exploration will increase the penetration of carbon fiber in the energy industry.

Steinberg has expended his network and knowledge throughout the years regarding the carbon fiber industry. We have identified reliable suppliers with high quality standards - fulfilling our clients requirements.